Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Last Minute Gift: The Redington Form Game Rod

The last few months have been a blur. Fishing has been replaced by the changing of careers, and as the holidays close fast, my standard deviation swings violently between a sure thing and skeptical at best. But that's the norm, so I'm told.

Last minute shopping has never been something I've embraced as practice, but rather, I've embodied a December procrastination through action. Choosing to shop on my terms, and on my time. So as I fall farther into the grips of study and week long training vacations, proactive gift giving will have to wait until 2013.

But as all good gifts are purchased under the gun, and nothing says I forgot your birthday like a small blue box from Tiffany's, Redington's Form Game Rod fits the bill as a perfect last minute "buy", to sneak under the tree.

Having squandered a few afternoons with the 4'2" practice rod, Redington has delivered the perfect excuse to get out in the back yard, to throw 30 feet of RIO at the target of your choice (two bulldogs were my moving targets). And as orange yarn unfolds out of perfect loops, you might forget that this rod was meant for practice.

At $39.95, the Redington Form Game Rod is well worth the fun, and if you're like me, the perfect excuse to do a little last minute shopping.

Be careful out there. I'll see you on the other side.


  1. Is Tiffany's a new fly shop up there.

    On another note, I drove by your beloved Poudre last week on my way to and fro Laramie. Where'd it go?

  2. But if I go and improve my terrible casting technique I'll be losing one of my favorite excuses for not catching fish!!
    Hope you find the time to get out soon....

  3. I don't really see the point in buying one of those. Why not just practice casting with your own rod? The one you're actually going to fish with?

  4. Sanders
    I am a huge Redington fan and own three of their fly rods and two of their Drift reels. I thought I knew every rod they sold, but this one is new to me. I could see where this set-up would be good for learning the basic techniques of casting, especially for someone who has never come in contact with the fly rod--such as my wife. You have more control over the line here as oppose to a longer fly rod. By the way Redington is closing out their Trout Classic fly rods on Cabelas here is the link if you are interested http://www.cabelas.com/product/Redington-CT-Classic-Trout-Fly-Rods/711781.uts?Ntk=AllProducts&searchPath=%2Fcatalog%2Fsearch.cmd%3Fform_state%3DsearchForm%26N%3D0%26fsch%3Dtrue%26Ntk%3DAllProducts%26Ntt%3Dredington%2Bfly%2Brods%26WTz_l%3DHeader%253BSearch-All%2BProducts&Ntt=redington+fly+rods&WTz_l=Header%3BSearch-All+Products

  5. Greetings my long lost friend. To echo Mr. Hughes, where'd it go? I seriously don't want to sound negative, but I can't help but agree with Kevin. I don't doubt it's good quality but why not use a rod you already have?

    1. a short, inexpensive rod made to cast inside is better than a long expensive rod with a broken tip (ceiling fan, upset wife, etc).

  6. Merry Christmas Sanders and family!
    Hell I just want one for the hotel stays!

  7. Merry Christmas Sean! May we all be lucky enough to follow more of your finny adventures in 2013~ mike

  8. I've seen such things and always thought them a toy not worth having, but now you've whet my appetite. Merry Christmas Sean to you and yours!

  9. Could be fun to play around with if you are stuck inside.

  10. Worse comes to worse.... if the trout aren't cooperative you can always have some fun with the family cat!

  11. Those little rods are a great teaching tool for my casting students. Especially when trying to introduce someone to casting for the first time, they can really help to build confidence. Plus, when the weather is nasty outside (or howling wind, which happens often here on the coast), I can bring the students inside and keep casting. Make casting a party game, and suddenly everyone wants to play...