Thursday, October 20, 2011

CiCi the Worm Turns 1

Watching CiCi destroy the last of the tennis balls we had gotten for her, the first year of her life played unapologetically in my mind as I walked the latest victim of her wrath to the waste basket. Now, it could be said that we knew what we were getting into. I mean, how couldn’t we have learned from our older, yet equally destructive, menace. Rex had shown the same unbridled enthusiasm for anything wood, denim, wicker, metal, dry wall, and rubber. Apparently, he wasn’t a special case. I had blinders on, like any parent must. “Isn’t he cute, god, he really made a dent in our windowsill, was that my sandal, oh Rex, you’re the best…”

CiCi was supposed to be easy. We had just been through the same thing a short five years ago. And in five years, with the advancement in breeding technique, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to expect that the chewing gene would be successfully replaced by the “I just want to lay here and do what I’m told” gene. Would it?

The arrival of our second came in December, right before we were to head back to North Dakota for the holidays. I had just returned home from a weekend of pheasant hunting, and as I walked through the front door, I caught a glimpse of something new, a visiting pet. Scanning the small living room for its owner, I realized what had happened. This one, was not going home. Our family had grown by one. Surprise! Remind me to freeze all of our accounts next time I skip town for a few days.

Between going to the vet and CiCi’s lack of self-control, it has been a fun first year. Her ability to shred a hat is impressive, but more impressive than that, is her ability to garner forgiveness. She is truly the devil in disguise. And for that I love her.

A short list of CiCi’s destruction:
1)      Macbook power cord (you gotta love proprietary prices on something so basic)
2)      Cubs hat 1
3)      Cubs hat 2
4)      Patagonia Hat (Thanks Russ for the replacement)
5)      2 pairs of sandals
6)      3 pairs of dress shoes
7)      Carpet
8)      A few neck ties
9)      1 dress shirt
10)   Wicker basket
11)   2 sets of knitting needles
12)   1 dog bed
13)   1 Comforter
14)   A table leg
15)   2 Cabinet drawers
16)   Blinds
17)   2 windowsills
18)   Bottom of a golf bag

Pretty sure that covers most of it. It has been a good year.

Happy birthday CiCi!


  1. obviously don't hide things very well! That is quite the list! I guess love goes a long way...

  2. so glad she made it to see her first birthday! :)

  3. That first photo is making me absolutely melt.

  4. Happy birthday CiCi! Great looking dog you got there.

  5. Ya gotta love 'em. Happy birthday CiCi!

  6. Cubs hat 1 and 2....let's hope she doesn't grow up to be a Cardinals fan hahaha

  7. RD- You are right...we do not hide things as good as we should. But I still balme her!

  8. Erin- Don't let that look fool you...there is mischief in those eyes. She is pretty cute though.

  9. George- Thanks...she is a good looking dog for sure.

  10. Mike- From one dog lover to another...the pleasure is worth all of the pain.

  11. JGR- I know. I'm beginning to think she has a problem. It would break my heart if she were to become a Cardinals fan...

  12. Aww...what a cute adorable little devil puppy you've got there Sanders. ;)

  13. What can I say except you ought to see the one I used to have that used to steal steaks out of the freezer and forget to close the door! Happy birthday CiCi!

  14. Who likes the cubs? Im from Chicago but who else would like those guys... Oh yeah happy birthday to the hound!

  15. sounds like CiCi is a house goat.

  16. Jen- Hopefully she stops some of her devilish ways...she sure is cute though.

  17. Howard- I am hoping that neither of my two learn that dirty trick...sounds like an expensive habit.

  18. Blake- Growing up in North Dakota, all we got were Cubs games...Thanks a lot WGN!

  19. Ivan- A house goat..I'm going to have to use that one...ha! She is a terror to say the least.

  20. happy b day to the pooch. Sounds like a lot of destruction and a lot of good times :) Good training for when you have some Sander Jrs. of your own. Tight LInes.

  21. Trout- I'm looking forward to a little less destruction in year two...I'm a work in progress, so says my better half...ha!